Our Services

We provide listing and advertising services by offering vendors a global platform to gain exposure, increase customer their base and become more profitable. Likewise, we provide a platform whereby people can find their required service providers, in the right location and at the best possible price. StyleVendorsNg’s business scope covers the Beauty industry, Fashion industry, and Lifestyle world. Listed below are the categories:

• Makeup Artists – Beauty • Hair Stylists –Beauty • Spa / Skincare specialist – Beauty • Other Beauty services • Fashion Designers – Fashion • Fabric Vendors – Fashion • Boutiques – Fashion • Other Fashion services • Photographers / Videographers – Lifestyle • Event Planners – Lifestyle • Event Decorators – Lifestyle • Other Lifestyle Services

Our Team

StyleVendorsNg is run by a diverse group of creative young entrepreneurs with a passion for fashion and business. Our multinational team, based in England and Nigeria, continuously strive to ensure high quality content and customer service. The woman behind the brand is Hannah Ayilaran. After starting her career in the UK fashion industry in 2013, she gained a Masters degree in Engineering Business Management from the University of Warwick in 2016. She launched StyleFixNg in 2017 and StyleVendorsNg in 2018. She has since been on a quest to empower young entrepreneurs.

Our Vendors

We believe in the empowerment of young men and women to champion the next generation of talents and inspire a new generation of unstoppable entrepreneurs. We strive to achieve this by our continuous commitment to providing flexible plans, affordable fees and packages. Our vendors are the soul of our brand and we will work consistently to ensure our platform provides an opportunity for development.