Hiring an Event Planner versus Hiring an Event Management Company in Nigeria.

A lot of clients don’t understand in depth the difference between event planning and event management which results in hiring the wrong professional for the event. Despite the overlapping functions of both, there is a large distinct difference between the services of an event planner and that of an event management company.

So today we’ll be giving you some differences between an event planner and an event management company, explaining the scope of services of both, to help you select the right professional for your event.


  • An Event planner would be involved with planning an event right from the inception stage, helping with selecting a theme, date, concept, budget, vendor selection and everything else that goes into putting together an event. While an event Management Company might not necessarily get involved at this stage of an event. They will work to coordinate and manage all aspects of the event rather that planning the event.


  • An Event Management company will offer services like monitoring the events, overseeing security checks, developing a parking plan, managing all other vendors, emergency contingencies, risk mitigation, health and safety compliance. An event planner mostly won’t be able to offer such services especially for a large scale event.


  • An Event planner’s responsibility is to design and plan your dream event but not necessarily their responsibility to deliver it on the day of the event. While an event Management Company manages and coordinates all aspects of the events on the day, helping to ensure the event goes without a hitch.


  • An event planner will work with you up until the event, while an event management company will work with you on the day of the event.


With all these said, it is important to note that some event management companies’ offer planning services alongside event management and some event planners also offer event management services. When considering hiring an event planner or an event management company, the key factor to consider is if you need help planning the event, or help with delivering the event, or both. Remember, before booking an event planner or event Management Company on StyleVendorsNg, find out what the scope of their services covers to ensure you are hiring the right vendor for your event.


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