Planning a Nigerian Wedding, 5 things to consider before selecting your Vendors

Wedding planning is such a big task and vendor selection takes up a bulk load of the task. A vendor can make or break your event hence the need for a careful and rigorous selection process. With the new wave of social media, vendor selection is becoming a game of popularity contest and likes, with clients selecting vendors based on how ‘POPPING’ or how much followers they have thereby shifting focus on the things that matters most. This has led to a lot of disappointment on the part of client, lamenting that the services received fell short of expectations.

To avoid this unbearable disappointment, we have put together 5 things to consider before selecting a vendor for your Nigerian wedding.


Always ask for referrals

This is probably the oldest method of vendor selection but it still as effective as ever. Ask for referrals from past brides around you, let them explain their experience using a particular vendor. Also feel free to DM some past brides on social media and trust that many of them will definitely respond to you having been in the same shoes as you currently are.  When using referrals, bear in mind that your budget might not be same as a past bride so remember to only select vendors within your budget range. Don’t get carried away trying to do above your means.

Also, StyleFixNG is a good way to get vendor referrals. With our verified reviews, you can hear from real life brides and you can also contact us directly for our vendor sourcing services.


Popularity isn’t always quality

The most popular vendors with over 20k followers aren’t always the best vendors out there. A lot of people select vendors because of their large social media following or the number of likes they get or how often they get featured on the wedding platforms. This shouldn’t be a prerequisite for selecting your vendors. Most upcoming vendors can offer as much or even more than the popular vendors, so keep in mind that quality should trump popularity.

Explore our list of vendors and trust to find diamonds in the rough. We list vendors across the beauty, fashion and lifestyle sphere.


Don’t Fall for the Hype

This is a common thing on social media with some vendors’ photoshopping pictures, posting other people’s work passed off as their own, promising and underperforming, offering terrible customer service and even fake vendors scamming people of their hard earned money. Don’t fall for the glamorous social media profile, you need to do your research to ensure you are selecting the right vendors and to avoid disappointment.

Our platform offers an option to report a fake / fraudulent vendor which leads to a ban and also deters future clients from booking them.


Explore Vendors in your Location

Considering vendors from another country or state will definitely increase the cost of the services. You also have to take into account the risk involved like lateness, cancelled flights, no shows and circumstances beyond the vendor’s control. The best option is to find a vendor in you location offering the same service, level of experience and price. A lot of people put little to no effort in finding a vendor in their location. For instance, a bride-to-be in Abuja books a makeup artist from Lagos, on the vendor’s way to the airport the flight was cancelled for 24hrs and the wedding was the next day. This led to panic mode with everyone trying to find a replacement makeup Artist in less than 24hours.

Use planning Apps like our Budget Filter to find reliable vendors in your location across all 36 states in Nigeria.


Stop trying to impress

With the trend of a ‘bellanaija’ wedding, a lot of brides-to-be go all out and break the bank to get featured on a platform that in the next week, people won’t even remember your feature. Sourcing for vendors out of your budget just to have an Instaglam wedding is not the best financial decision. Rather than trying to impress social media followers, source for vendors that will make your wedding experience pleasant rather than vendors that will make your wedding trend. Remember the goal is to do it once so do it right and do it for you!


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