SVNG Reports: Top 10 Traditional Wedding Makeup Artists in Nigeria

The makeup industry is one of the largest and most booming industries in Nigeria and no doubt we have hundreds of thousands of makeup artists in Nigeria (maybe even millions). One thing you should know is that every makeup artist has a unique signature and area of strength: some better at traditional makeup than white wedding makeup or editorial makeup. The basic requirement of traditional wedding makeup is vibrant makeup, bright colours, full, bold and clean beat.

We have compiled a list of our top 10 traditional makeup artists in Nigeria. Please note that these vendors were selected based on our internal criteria consisting: quality of work, value for money, signature look, aesthetic and customer satisfaction feedback. We do not consider vendors popularity as a criterion for selection, neither does this list reflects a definitive and absolute.  In no particular order, see below out top 10 traditional makeup artists listed on StyleVendorsNg.

Tdolls Makeover

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

CEO: Temitope Sotomi

Signature: Statement ombre eyes

We have to start on the highest note with Tdolls makeover. If I personally have to pick a makeup artist for my traditional wedding, Tdolls will be my top five picks. Her work is bold but with sophistication and panache. She’s not scared to experiment with colours, so its either you go bold or go home.  Her signature look is the gleaming bold ombre eyeshadow that makes your face pop.


NomeyJ Makeovers

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

CEO: Onome Stone

Signature: Application

Want to be the only focus of attention at your wedding? then you need the NomeyJ’s touch. Her skin work is fire! Her application is flawless! Her finishing is perfection! If you’re dark skinned queen, she will make your skin glow like the sun on Jupiter. We absolutely think she is one to watch out for and to learn from.


Ruby Zain Beauty

Location: Ibadan, Nigeria

CEO: Zainab Adekoya

Signature: Ombre blended eyeshadow

Looking for that clean, subtle and bold beat for your traditional wedding? Ruby Zain beauty is your go to. Going through pictures of her work, one thing you’ll notice is her attention to details and her quest for quality. She ensures even the smallest baby hair is put in place and the tiniest strand of eyebrow picked. Her signature is the perfectly blended ombre eyeshadow interblended from crease to base.


Topal Touch

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

CEO: Opaleye Tosin

Signature: 3D Brows

Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder and makeup perfection in the hands of Topal touch. Picking a picture to feature was a hassle cos every picture was feature worthy. From the application to finishing and editing shows us the skill, refinement, and talent she possesses. If you want a 3D brow that speaks volume, call Topal today.


LBV Makeovers

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

CEO: Simbi

Signature: Sculpted lips

Ever wondered what a perfectly sculpted lip looks like? You might have to take a trip to LBV studio. The traditional MUA with a northern touch! The glow is always HD+, the eyes are always speaking volume and the skin flawless. She pays most attention to accentuating the prominent facial features: eyes and lips, resulting in a less cake more bake finish.

The second part of our top 10 list of traditional makeup artists in Nigeria will be released soon. What do you think of our top 5 makeup artists so far? Are there any we’ve forgotten? Anyone you’ll like to nominate? Let us know in the comments below!


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