The Vendors Guide: your ultimate guide to picking the perfect vendor

Ofcos we’ve got insider tips on finding and picking the perfect vendor on StyleVendorsNg. We have not only curated a list of beauty, fashion and lifestyle vendors across Nigeria, we will also help in making your decision easier.

The first thing to have at the back of your mind is that finding a vendor for a big event takes effort, time and research. The good news is we are here to make the whole process less tedious and quicker. Here are a few guidelines to help when selecting a vendor on our site:


  1. Do your homework

It is very important to have a prior idea of what services you will require from a vendor and your estimated budget for such service. Knowing this beforehand will help in streamlining your search on the site likewise, having an already a set budget will save sourcing time.

Be realistic with your set budget because you get what you pay for. However, don’t be pressured to overly exceed your budget because a lot of vendors will offer quality services within your budget.


  1. Surf the site

On the home page (, select the required vendor and search. It is important to take time to go through as many pages as you can in finding your vendor. Ensure to explore the vendor’s pictures, videos, reviews & social media pages. When you find a vendor you love, add to bookmark.

Also, you can use the Budget filter tool to find recommended vendors based on your budget, your location and vendors reviews.


  1. Contact your vendor

Contact vendors from your list of bookmarked vendors and send multiple price quotes. Be sure to spell out the services required and what you are willing to pay. Don’t be scared to negotiate as most vendors are price flexible and accommodating. Some vendors might even offer to tailor your services based on your budget but be very careful with this offer.

Ensure you are polite when conversing with vendors as using the right words and tone will help in creating a good relationship.


  1. Watch out for the signs

During your conversation with vendors, pay attention to the level of customer service, ease of communication and frequency of response. Many vendors should respond to quotes with 48hours in most circumstances. If it’s taking a week for a vendor to respond, you might have to reconsider working with such vendor.

You should feel free to walk away from a vendor if they don’t meet your expectations. Don’t ignore the signs as this could have later consequences.


  1. Schedule a meeting

Interviewing potential vendor is a necessity – this will ensure you ask critical questions, arrange trials and resolve contract. During this meeting, gauge how much experience a potential vendor has, ask for references or trial, resolve payment terms and conclude on the dates/schedules.

At this stage, it is important to factor in risk. Ask what happens in case of an emergency – it’s crucial to have a solid backup plan so that you’re not scrambling for a last-minute replacement.


  1. Request for a contract

Always request for a contract or statement of work from a vendor before making any payment. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a complicated contract, just a legally binding paperwork that protects you. Read the contract carefully, look out for hidden charges and ensure both parties sign the dotted line before making any payment.


  1. Leave a review

After contracting a vendor, it is important to leave a review on your experience on our site. This review will help spread the word on the level of service, quality of work and value for money the vendor provides. As a client, the review is your power and try not to abuse it. Leave honest and non-bias reviews to help the next person in selecting their vendor.

You also have the option to report a fraudulent and dishonest vendor on our site. This will prevent listing such vendors on our site.


  1. We’ve got you!

StyleVendorsNg aims to help you find the perfect vendor in your preferred location and at the best possible price. It’s simple just search, select and review!


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