Tips To Choosing The Perfect Event Venue in Nigeria

It’s no news that picking the wrong venue can ruin your event despite how much time was spent to make the event a success. Choosing the right venue is vital to the success of every event therefore more attention should be paid before settling for the venue for any occasion. Here are some tips to consider before making your choice .

Number Of Guests: Ensure you know the number of guests you’ve invited for your event and tailor your hall selection to that. In a country like ours (Nigeria) where more than expected guests always turn up to an event, try to make provision for unseen contingencies. If you have invited 500 guests, try pick a venue that caters for up to 700 guests . You can disregard this leeway if your event is strictly by invite.

Parking Space: Ensure the venue has adequate parking space to cater for at least 50% of the number of invited guests. This is vital to ensure the safety of your guest’s properties. Also ensure the parking space is free, secure and easily accessible to your guests. Lack of adequate parking space could result in car theft, vandalization & disruption.

Venue Facilities: Ensure the venue facilities such as kitchen, restroom, changing room & baby care room are available and in good working condition. This is to ensure your guests are comfortable and at ease while attending your event. Do not overlook the importance of a venue having good facilities as this can make or mare your event.

Venue Amenities: It is important to consider the layout, lightning, sound, projecting and all other required amenities provided at the venue. Ensure all amenities are in good condition for your event. Pay apt attention to the lightning of the venue as that would have an impact on the picture and videography quality of your event.

Venue Location: Choose an accessible location that can be easily located by your guests. Also ensure the location is safe, secure and free from hooligans ready to harass your guests. Another thing to consider is to avoid picking venues that are in an enclosed territory such as estates. Such venues would require constant security verification from each guests & this might lead to unpleasantness.


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